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Coventya WaterCare has a long-lasting tradition of being the leader in water resource management. We make it our corporate responsibility to provide the best solutions for water return, renewal, and recycle.


As water is consumed in process flow, Coventya WaterCare provides primary treatment chemistry via the coagulation and flocculation process. Process water is returned to local receiving systems in compliance with regulatory criteria by applying Coventya WaterCare Technology.

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As water is processed, the characteristics of elevated metals, organics, and elevated solids loading, will alter water purity. WaterCare chemistry responds to this challenge with organic absorption and oxidation techniques, and enhanced solids precipitation: all designed in efforts to reduce waste solids loading. Coventya WaterCare Renewal reduces the burden of secondary treatment.

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As water is a critical resource, Coventya WaterCare chemistry is designed to work in harmony with design equipment to provide the proper pre-conditioning to maximize water recycling via: filtration, distillation and ion exchange technologies. Coventya WaterCare Recycle assists in global water conservation.

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As a new addition to the WaterCare product line, OMEGA MP-5152 provides multiple benefits.

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The challenge of water resource management is viewed as our corporate responsibility. Coventya WaterCare is committed to the following: Return, Renewal, and Recycle

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Simple soulutions to meet your boilers requirements. 15 and 55 gallon drums are available in OMEGA TH-7125, OMEGA TH-7127, and OMEGA TH-7129.

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