Effective Agricultural Wastewater Treatments for Flocculation, Coagulation, BOD Removal, & Antifoaming.

When it comes to agricultural wastewater treatment, you likely have three major goals:

  • keeping biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD) levels in check,
  • reducing total suspended solids (TSS),
  • and managing foam generation in the process of treatments.

COVENTYA WaterCare strives to make your agricultural waste management processes as simple as possible by providing a complete line of specialty chemicals that are perfect for the agriculture industry. We offer a diverse array of coagulation water treatments, antifoaming agents, and flocculation water treatments that can help with COD and BOD removal as well as TDS / TSS reduction in your agricultural wastewater.

Some of our advanced treatments include various anionic and cationic polymers, several effective flocculants and coagulants, and antifoam agents.

To discuss which of these water treatments are ideal for your livestock waste management system, contact COVENTYA WaterCare today. Take our brief online survey to tell us more about your processes or send us a sample; someone from our technical support laboratory will get back to you right away.

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