Bearing Manufacturing Plant Meets 100% Discharge Compliance with OMEGA C-3114

January 30, 2015

A large manufacturer of bearings for locomotives and heavy machinery was faced with meeting 100% toxicity, BOD-COD, and metal removal required due to open discharge into the local waterway. The daily flow at this operation was 130,000 GPD and operations included machining, rotoclone, vibratory deburring, electroplating, metallic casting, oil quench, and centrifugal casting.

The wastewater treatment design included oil separation, metal hydroxide formation, filtration, and final ion exchange. Due to the variable wastewater sources, meeting compliance was a heavy burden.

The Coventya WaterCare Team approached the facility with an analysis of all waste sources and developed a treatment program compatible with existing equipment and capable of meeting the permit requirements. OMEGA C-3114, a proprietary coagulant was used to (1) absorb organic contaminants, (2) neutralize and agglomerate metallic complexes, and (3) reduce suspended solids while not plugging existing filtration equipment.

The treatment program has been running in place for over 12 months with 100% compliance for EPA required permit parameters.



Information on OMEGA C-3114 

Technical Data Sheet for OMEGA C-3114 

Material Safety Data Sheet for OMEGA C-3114 

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