Extend the Life of Alkaline Cleaning Solutions

February 20, 2015

It is very advantageous to extend the life of alkaline cleaners (by removing oils and debris and recharging).  It is also advantageous to ‘pretreat’ alkaline cleaners of oils & grease to allow for ‘bleed-in’ to waste treatment systems as opposed to shipping offsite for disposal.

By the lab testing of the COVENTYA WaterCare cationic polymers

In many cases, one of these various cationic polymer groups will provide a good separation of oils & grease from the actual cleaner solution.

Here is a good example:

Treatment with OMEGA CP-1162 at 1,000 ppm.

(This is 1 gallon of OMEGA CP-1162 per 1,000 gallons of cleaner treated.) 

As displayed in the beaker on the right, the oil & debris has been “lifted and removed” from the cleaner solution. This oil & debris layer can be skimmed off the top and the cleaner recharged and reused.  

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