Heat Exchanger Fouling Solved with OMEGA AQ-6133

February 13, 2015

Fouling of Heat Exchange surfaces

Fouling of heat exchange surfaces is common

Heat exchanger fouling for Gas Generators and Air Compressors creates energy efficiency loss and equipment corrosion. WaterCare meets the challenge with OMEGA AQ-6133A green technology solution’ with excellent results.

Gas generators require effective cooling for energy efficiency and volume delivery.

Well/source water deposits of iron, silica, and calcium impede heat transfer and create under-deposit corrosion.

OMEGA AQ-6133 is an environmentally safe formulation of dispersants, surfactants, and inhibitors developed to keep heat exchange surfaces clean from deposits and scale formations.

Actual heat exchange surface application using OMEGA AQ-6133

Before OMEGA AQ-6133 (Untreated)

Before OMEGA AQ-6133


After OMEGA AQ-6133 (180 days of application)

After OMEGA AQ-6133
(180 days of application)

OMEGA AQ-6133 provides for surface passivation and prevention of deposition upon heat exchange surfaces. Ideally suited for air compressor cooling, gas generation equipment, or any cooling water application requiring an environmentally safe treatment free from heavy metals, molybdate, or inorganic phosphates.

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