Closed Loop Heating or Cooling Chillers Simplified With WaterCare

November 26, 2014

What is a "Closed Loop" Heating or Cooling Process?
Many buildings will use a ‘hot water system’ to control a desired temperature. On the flip side, many buildings will also use a ‘cold water chiller’ system for the same purpose of controlling a desired temperature. Usually a closed loop type of process is used for efficiency, as a smaller ‘air heated/cooled process’ is not possible due to sizing or is not cost effective. Many industries will also heat or cool equipment in this manner.

A closed loop is a system which circulates throughout the building or the process being heated or cooled. These systems are usually vented and are prone to corrosion from galvanic attack or biological growth.

It is very important to keep the closed loop (heating or cooling) system treated with chemistry to prevent corrosion (leakage) and scaling (efficiency) and bio-fouling. COVENTYA WaterCare offers a simple integrated treatment called OMEGA AQ-6154 which can easily be applied to keep the closed loop running at top efficiency.

  • An integrated treatment: ‘concentrate’ solution
  • Biological resistant formulation: non-nitrite based
  • Provides complete passivation of steel, copper, and brass

Dosage: Simply add at 1.25 gallons per 1000 gallons of system volume. A total system passivation at 50-75 ppm of sodium molybdate residual.

Closed Loop Chiller

Closed Loop Chiller

  Closed Loop Heating

Closed Loop Heating

  • Biological resistance
  • Tolerance for systems exposed to oxygen from seal & bearing leakage and/or system design.

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