OMEGA TH-7120: A Multi-Use Dispersant

January 23, 2015

OMEGA TH-7120 is a low molecular weight polyacrylic acid-based sodium salt dispersant which can be applied to:

  • Boiler / Hot Water Conditioning: Calcium/magnesium hardness suspension under heat and pressure
  • Water Air Scrubber Equipment: Suspends hardness, iron, silica, magnesium, and other cations
  • Wastewater Sand Filter Conditioning: Prevents carbonate build-up on sand medium and also iron fouling


Air Scrubbers


Sand Filters


Hot Water / Boiler 

Wastewater (Sand Filters) 

Apply OMEGA TH-7120, after the clarification system, as the water enters sand filter equipment. A common cause of poor sand filter operation and sand filter plugging is calcium & iron carbonate build-up upon the sand medium. Depending upon the concentration of calcium and iron, OMEGA TH-7120 is typically added at 50 – 100 ppm in a continuous feed dosage. With OMEGA TH-7120 in use, sand filters remain “fluid” and effective in final solids capture and control. 

Water Air Scrubber (Process Tanks)

Literally every GMF customer, as well as any factory that requires air-emission scrubbing of acids/caustics to control air discharge, pH, and particulate control, has a need for the dispersant OMEGA TH-7120. The water distribution medium often “clogs” with debris of iron/calcium carbonate or sulfate upon the pH adjustment of the water solution to meet air permit requirements. With OMEGA TH-7120 in use, air-scrubber equipment remains free from deposition and plugging – providing operation efficiency & reduced down—time. Learn more.

Hot Water / Boiler

Smaller hot water and lower pressure boiler systems can apply OMEGA TH-7120 to condition make-up water and keep the heat exchangers free from scale depositionFor larger hot water / boiler systems, OMEGA TH-7120 is a “key ingredient” in our integrated formulas for both scale and corrosion control.    

How does OMEGA TH-7120 work? 

The polyacrylic acid-based salt reacts with cations, preventing carbonate and sulfate formation under alkaline pH levels.
OMEGA TH-7120 prevents the formation of insoluble salts such as calcium carbonate, iron carbonate, calcium sulfate, etc.

Coventya WaterCare can assist with your water treatment process. If you would like assistance, please submit an untreated sample along with a survey form to our laboratory. Our personnel will do the treatability testing and report back to you with our recommendations. 

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