Treat Hydraulic Oil Contaminated Wastewater

March 6, 2015

Systems most prone to oil leakage problems are those using just a traditional caustic/anionic polymer precipitation program. In simple precipitation systems, the caustic/flocculant polymer will breakout the oil, but not agglomerate and precipitate the oily solids.

COVENTYA WaterCare has a high rate of success in treating hydraulic oil contaminated wastewater with the use of three products: 

OMEGA BP-4123 acts as a “sponge” by absorbing the oil dropletsOMEGA BP-4123 also is excellent at separating the oil from the water phase. The demand for OMEGA BP-4123 is simply based upon the amount of oil spilled. 

OMEGA C-3112 and OMEGA C-3114 have an affinity for emulsified oils. A dosage of 200 – 500 ppm of either product will work wonders to neutralize emulsified oils – capturing them into the aluminum and proprietary base of this formulation with OMEGA C-3114 and into the mixed chloride matrix for OMEGA C-3112.

Interested in learning more about WaterCare products and their ability to treat contaminated wastewater? Contact us today!

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