Treating Waste Oil with WaterCare

December 24, 2014

Oil recovery and wastewater treatment from refinery operations, oil & gas drilling, and now fracking or hydrofracking operations has several objectives:

Refinery Retention Ponds: Reclaim the oil by dewatering and separating debris and water layers for further treatment. A centrifuge is typically used and the more effective the treatment in separating oil / debris / water, the better the reclaim (oil) as well as ease-of-treatment for the pond wastewater treatment.

Oil & Gas Drilling: Reduce the suspended solids of the waste solutions for re-use or secondary treatment. Brine will also have barium removal as a prime concern. Primary oil separation as part of the treatment process is a key factor. For wastewater treatment, the objective of removing oil/debris from the water phase is desired. The more oil and debris that can be removed, the easier the secondary treatment options will be. Biological activity (creating odors) is further minimized by an effective oil/debris treatment in separation from the water phase.

Fracking or Hydrofracking: Reduce the suspended solids / oil for water reuse. This can be variable as many operations desire a ‘heavy water’ full of salts for improved fracking characteristics. The oil itself needs to be separated before the solution can be considered for reuse. The wastewater ponds require a more in-depth treatment for metallics, oil, debris, and various salts (like barium). As fracking requires the largest amount of water, the ability to reuse this “ flowback source ” is very important.

COVENTYA WaterCare is active in this area providing chemical solutions for wastewater reuse as well as primary and secondary wastewater treatment.

WaterCare Cationic and Anionic Polymers are used to separate debris / oil / water as well as provide for oil dewatering. WaterCare Coagulants and Metal Precipitants are applied for water conditioning as well as secondary wastewater treatment.

Debris / Water / Oil Seperation

Debris / Water / Oil Separation


Wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment


Secondary Treatment

Secondary Treatment

Learn how COVENTYA WaterCare can assist your operation with difficult wastewater issues and meet 100% discharge compliance.

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