Oil Removal and Surfactant Treatment

March 13, 2015

The waste treatment of metal cleaning compounds varies greatly based upon the type of cleaner being treated and the concentration thereof. In all cases, the spent cleaner solution must be neutralized from highly alkaline or acidic conditions. This process cracks waste oil, grease, and surfactants thereby making them more amenable to wastewater treatment.

WaterCare Applications for Wastewater: Oil / Grease Removal

For spent alkaline cleaner solutions containing oil & grease, usually a pH depression to a level of 3 to 5 SU is required to crack the oil. In many cases, a cationic polymer will enhance this process. Testing must be done, as pH depression is not always required. The OMEGA line will most commonly utilize the following products (jar tests from the lab will confirm the best choice for your application).

WaterCare Applications for Wastewater: Surfactants

Spent Cleaner solutions of an alkaline base usually contain a package of surfactants or wetting agents. These products assist in the cleaning of the base metal and keep the surface clean from debris. In many cases surfactants are highly charged and make waste treatment difficult by hydroxide precipitation. For assistance, WaterCare has developed OMEGA CP-1162, a polyamine based cationic polymer.

OMEGA CP-1162 has the ability to react and denature surfactants. This is a helpful treatment additive in removing the surfactants in waste cleaner treatment. When a cleaner is treated with OMEGA CP-1162, the negative charge of the cleaner is neutralized, thereby creating a solution more easily processed by hydroxide precipitation methods.

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