WaterCare Treatment for Paint Applications

November 7, 2014

November’s WaterCare Focus is the treatment of paints (water-based booths and wastewater sumps with paint residue). Paints need to be ‘detackified’ or made non-sticky in painting booths so that secondary equipment can either (1) centrifuge and remove, (2) float and skim, or (3) detackify and sink.

While many applicators have gone to dry booths, there are still numerous applications in general manufacturing where parts are painted (water-based paints, oil based paints, lacquers, and clear coats) and the overspray paint waste is captured in a water curtain-designed system. In these water-based paint containments WaterCare OMEGA chemistry is applied.

It is best to have the WaterCare lab do the testing first and then our process can be demonstrated on site. 

What is needed to run a test review?

  1. Samples of the paint (document what type of pant it is).
  2. On the WaterCare Survey Form, it is important to note the following:
    • Water consumed per day per booth (if not known, estimate or provide booth sizing)
    • The percentage of paint overspray captured by the water curtain
    • The type of solids removal in place: (1) centrifuge, (2) skimmer, (3) sink and decant

Our most popular paint treatment is OMEGA BP-4188. The aluminum/calcium/cationic polymer blend reacts and conditions many types of paint. Also popular are OMEGA BP-4123 (iron) and OMEGA C-3114. At times a pH adjustment with NaOH and/or a flocculant is required (other times, not). 

Below is an example of a primer water-based paint booth treated with OMEGA BP-4188 and OMEGA AP-2140. The dosage of the detackifier (i.e. OMEGA BP-4188) is based upon the percentage of paint overspray captured by the water curtains.

In this case: US: 1,200 ppm, or 1 USG/1000 gallons water with 3% paint overspray; Metric: 3.75L, per 3785 L water with 3% paint overspray.

Primer in booth untreated            Primer in booth treated

If the water can be cleaned as above, larger applicators will reuse the treated water. Other aspects include biological control (OMEGA AQ-6122, quat based dispersant) and defoamer (OMEGA OAF-88, all organic). Note that silicone is forbidden (no OMEGA SAF-10).

To learn more about OMEGA BP-4123 and OMEGA C-3114 for your system application, review the following:


OMEGA C-3114

Need help with your specific application? Please fill out the WaterCare Survey Form and our experts will review and advise on the best approach moving forward with WaterCare as your Partner.

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