Spent Metal Cleaners Treatment Applications

March 27, 2015

Most chemistries used in aqueous cleaning fit into one of three categories according to pH: Acid, Neutral, or Alkaline.

Neutral cleaners, the mildest of cleaners, are preferred when soils are light.

Alkaline cleaners are the most commonly used cleaners for removing oils, greases, and general soils. There are numerous chemistries available depending on the type and degree of contamination, the material to be cleaned, the type of cleaning equipment used, and the subsequent use of the cleaned material.

Acidic cleaners are primarily used to remove tarnish and oxides and to brighten nonferrous metals. Although some limited cleaning of organic soils (such as oils) is possible with some acidic chemistries, they are rarely used for general cleaning. It is not unusual, however, to use an acidic chemistry to brighten work previously processed with an alkaline cleaner and a rinse.

WaterCare Applications for Metal Cleaning Wastewater

The OMEGA line will most commonly utilize the following products (jar tests from the lab will confirm the best choice for your application). 

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