A Powdered Oxygen Scavenger

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  • OMEGA TH-7043 is a powder form, catalyzed sodium sulfite, oxygen scavenger.
  • OMEGA TH-7043 is applied to prevent pitting and oxygen induced corrosion of feedwater lines, deaerators, and boiler internals.
  • Economical oxygen removal via a concentrated powder form of product.
  • Specially buffered solution, will not corrode feedwater sources of low alkalinity.
  • Catalyzed form assists in removing iron deposits within the steam system.

Additional Information

Typical Properties

Type: Reducing agent

Form: Powder

Appearance: Off white to tan

Odor: Sulfur like

Dosage Range and Feed Methods

The OMEGA TH-7043 dosage range is directly proportional to the concentration of dissolved oxygen present in the feedwater. A typical dosage of 30 ppm of residual sulfite, in the boiler water, is recommended. A ratio of 10 ppm of OMEGA TH-7043 per every ppm of oxygen is the typical demand for most feedwater sources.

OMEGA TH-7043 is dissolved into the chemical preparation tank at any desirable dilution. Pump and feed lines should be of a stainless composition. Avoid chlorinated water sources if at all possible.

Safety and Handling

OMEGA TH-7043 should not come in contact with skin, eyes, or hair. Use appropriate safety equipment to prevent contact. If contact does occur, flush area with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation develops. If eye contact occurs, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

This product is a strong reducing agent, keep away from strong acids, and oxidizers.

OMEGA TH-7043 should be handled with acid resistant gloves, goggles, and face shield.

Container Size and Shipping

OMEGA TH-7043 is available in 300 pound containers

Environmental Concerns

OMEGA TH-7043 is a strong reducing agent. Powder or liquid dilution spills should be neutralized and handled in accordance with all applicable regulations.

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