A Powder Anionic Polymer

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  • OMEGA AP-2040 is an anionic polyelectrolyte
  • OMEGA AP-2040 will react quickly at a pH level of 7 to 12 to flocculate metal hydroxides.
  • A rapidly formed dense floc, of large size and agglomeration, provides for immediate settling in clarifiers and holding basins.
  • Flocculation is rapid, of large size, and agglomeration, for immediate settling.
  • Wide pH operating range to ensure flocculation is complete and of high density.
  • Metal hydroxide is tightly bound to the polymer lattice structure resulting in a high tolerance for mixing and shear resistance.

Additional Information

Typical Properties

Type: Anionic polyelectrolyte

Form: Powder

Charge: 40% charge density

Molecular Weight: High

Appearance: White powder

Odor: Odorless

Viscosity @ 25° C (77° F): 2000 cps. at 1% solution

Dosage Range and Feed Methods

The OMEGA AP-2040 dosage will range from 1 ppm to 1000 ppm depending upon solids composition and particle charge differential.

A solution of OMEGA AP-2040 is prepared by the following procedure.

  1. Add water to the solution tank until about 50% full.
  2. Continue to add water and slowly sprinkle OMEGA AP-2040 into the water vortex, or dose via a polymer disperser.
  3. OMEGA AP-2040 should be added until a 0.12% of OMEGA AP-2040 is added by weight. (1.0 lbs. to. per 100 gallons of water) [0.45 Kg to 378 L of water].
  4. The mixer should remain on for 30 minutes to complete the polymerization of OMEGA AP-2040.
    Note : excessive mixing at high RPM can shear the polymer – do not over agitate.
  5. Ready made solutions of OMEGA AP-2040 are acceptable for use for 3 days. A new solution should be made after this time period.

Tanks of plastic or mild steel composition are acceptable. Pumps of plastic or metal composition are recommended. Alloys of brass, copper, galvanized, or aluminum, are not compatible.

Safety and Handling

OMEGA AP-2040 should not come in contact with skin, eyes, or hair. Use appropriate safety equipment to prevent contact. If contact does occur, flush exposed area with soap and water for 15 minutes.

Bags and containers of OMEGA AP-2040 should be tightly closed after use. OMEGA AP-2040 is hydroscopic and will swell in humid atmospheres. Store in a dry and cool location.

Container Size and Shipping

OMEGA AP-2040 is available in 50 lb. [22.5 Kg]. containers.

Environmental Concerns

Spills of OMEGA AP-2040 are very slippery and should be localized and contained with absorbent material. Do not attempt to wash down spills to dilute product. As with any chemical application for waste treatment, conform to all applicable regulatory criteria.

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